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Top tips for sustainable commercial furniture selection

Sustainable Commercial Furniture

Sustainable commercial furniture

Reusing and preventing commercial furniture from going to landfill has to be the first principle of sustainability. Whilst there are additional challenges with specifying and procuring pre-loved furniture as opposed to new, sourcing second-hand furniture or upcycling your existing office furniture is one way to help reach targets such as BREEAM and WELL and align yourself with principles of the circular economy.


Top tips for sustainable commercial furniture selection based on reuse principles:

Selecting sustainable commercial furniture based on reuse principles can positively impact the environment and your business’s bottom line. Here are some top tips to help you make sustainable choices:

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Choose furniture that is built to last.

If you’re buying new furniture, choose furniture that is built to last. Look for well-constructed pieces made from high-quality materials. Durable furniture will require fewer replacements over time, reducing waste.

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Opt for modular furniture pieces and adjustable designs. 

Select furniture that can be easily reconfigured and adapted to different spaces and purposes. Modular furniture allows you to change layouts without the need for new pieces, promoting reuse.

Sustainable Office Furniture

Consider materials and production methods.

Choose furniture made from sustainable materials such as responsibly sourced wood, recycled metals, or eco-friendly alternatives like bamboo or reclaimed materials. Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for wood products.

Engage with a sustainable furniture supplier who is entirely up to date with commercial furniture manufacturers and their product sustainability credentials and commitment to sustainable practices, including eco-friendly materials, responsible production, and ethical labour practices.

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Seek certified sustainable products.

Look for third-party certifications like GREENGUARD or Cradle to Cradle (C2C) that ensure the furniture meets specific environmental and human health standards. These certifications validate the sustainability claims of the products.

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Consider second-hand furniture.

Consider purchasing used furniture through reputable sellers and refurbishment services. If in doubt, please get in touch with the team at Interior Options, who will be happy to offer their expert advice and guidance.

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Explore your refurbished options.

Explore refurbishing options for existing pieces. This extends the furniture’s lifespan, reduces waste, and can save you money. 

Make sure you use a reputable company that is familiar with relevant British standards and regulations related to furniture safety and materials. Standards like BS EN 15373 and BS 4875 apply to commercial furniture. 

Upholstered furniture must comply with these standards, including fire safety regulations. If you’re using new upholstery, you must ensure it meets the fire safety standards specified in the regulations. If you’re reusing existing upholstery, it must be carefully inspected to ensure it is still compliant. Be aware of labelling requirements and ensure any reupholstered furniture is labelled correctly.

By following these tips, you can select commercial furniture that aligns with reuse principles and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workspace.

At Interior Options, we specialise in delivering sustainable commercial spaces that promote healthy and happy working environments. For support on your project, please get in touch.


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