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Office Refurbishment Guide 2024

Office Refurbishment Guide – A Step-by-Step Process to Successfully Manage Your Office Refurbishment

If you’re thinking about refurbishing your office. Make sure you download our guide and read it first.

Whether you’re considering or have been tasked with creating a brand new space for your company, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know.

From appointing a project team and contractors to landlord negotiations and creating the optimum fit-out for your business’s needs and how to manage a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your staff and business.

Included Inside

  • Project planner
  • Interactive project checklist
  • Refurbishment budget calculator
  • 36 pages of advice – from refurbishment project concept to completion


Office Refurbishment Guide 2024 Download

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Office Refurbishment FAQs


Does the design of the office furniture and office impact employee productivity?

Absolutely, there are many studies on how a properly designed and outfitted office can enhance productivity. Our design team can help you find the right design for your office.

Do you offer new and used office furniture?

Yes, we have access to over a hundred ranges of new office furniture collections, while used furniture and upcycled furniture may be purchased on a case-by-case basis.

What is the difference between Booths and Cubicles?

As a general overview, acoustic cubicles are panel-based work areas that provide the most privacy and sound absorption from other employees; A booth has either no or minimal panels and provides a more open-style desking solution with less privacy.

Are there green/sustainable options for office furniture?

Yes, we have many green and sustainable office furniture collections to suit all styles and budgets, and we have the ability to effectively upcycle commercial furniture to ensure aesthetics and functionality are primed for use.

How should you approach office design for the hybrid workforce?

This depends on the company’s philosophy and culture. For example, some companies may want employees to return and have their own desk, while others may aspire to have a more collaborative approach for employees who come to the office less often.