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11 office suspended ceiling designs trending in 2023

There’s no denying that the architectural statement of a suspended ceiling has recently become synonymous with modernity and sophistication.

A clever suspended ceiling design can rationally delineate various areas of an open-plan place without introducing walls by simply visually lengthening a corridor or segregating communal meeting spaces with vibrant pops of colour or hanging decor.

And beyond the aesthetics, they can be formed to hide from view ductwork, pipes, electrical wires, lighting, heaters and door frames to impart a clutter-free space.

For those considering a complete office redesign or those who simply want to update their commercial ceiling, we’ve put together this article showcasing our eleven trending suspended ceiling designs for 2023 to get you inspired.


Traditional Suspended Ceilings

We’ll start with the traditional suspending ceiling, currently the most popular ceiling choice within commercial spaces. These ceilings are constructed with a grid system and tiles and are highly effective at creating a neat, clean finish and hiding unsightly duct and pipe works and cabling. With a vast array of colours and styles and options to integrate LED light panels and air-con units, the design potential for our traditional suspended ceiling is endless.

commerical fit out cafe area design ocado

Project: Ocado


commerical furniture bar seating stools high tables e1655811909305

Project: Ocado


Modern Architectural Exposed Ceilings

The industrial look is majorly peeking right now in workplace design. More businesses are requesting a stripped-down, warehouse-style appearance, and exposed ceilings are a significant part of that look. 

And the look really can pack a design punch. With options to feature facilities, integrate hanging plants and install theatrical lighting, Interior designers can go to town to give your ceiling the dramatic architectural look you want. 

But be warned, achieving that perfectly unfinished look takes considerable work and skill. And you’ll have a whole bunch of factors to consider, such as acoustics, replacing lighting, HVAC and sprinkler systems and, not to forget, energy-saving disadvantages. 

Before going this route, we highly recommend speaking to a design consultant to survey your space and provide you with the best recommendations to ensure you’ve got everything covered.


Orangebox away from the desk


office drop ceiling designs


Connection Peacework


Boss Agent



Featured Ceilings

Featured ceilings are a great solution if you want to make a big, open space more personable. They can help divide an open-plan office without the need for walls and provide several further benefits, from improved acoustics, design freedom and enhanced daylight to easy installation and maintenance. 

As an acoustic solution to high ceilings, ceiling baffles have become increasingly popular as they eliminate the issue of reverberation in spaces.

With countless style options and colours, these feature ceilings have flex to work with any interior design theme.


BSH Showroom FitOut MK

Project: BSH


Modern suspended ceiling design


suspended ceilings


Connection Hive


Office bulkhead ceiling design

Project: BSH


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