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Glass Office Partitions

Top Tips and Trends for Glass Office Partitions in 2023

Top Tips and Trends for Glass Office Partitions in 2023

Glass office partitions are fast becoming a staple in the modern workplace. Ease of installation, transparency, and style are key requirements, along with the capability to integrate spaces in existing buildings with minimum cost and downtime. Hence, glazed partitioning is an obvious go-to for most office fit-out projects.

If you’re exploring your options to incorporate a glass office partition in your commercial space, it’s important to consider all aspects of the specification before diving into style and design. 

We’ve listed the primary considerations below and provided visuals of our Top 5 Trending Glass Partition Styles to help you on your way.


  • 4 Important Things You Need to Consider Before You Choose The Glass Partition System For Your Office.
  • Glass Acoustic Performance Guide
  • Top 5 Trending Glass Office Partition Styles for 2023
  • The benefits of working with Interior Options
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4 Important Things You Need to Consider Before You Choose The Glass Partition System For Your Office

1. Available Space

2. Sound Proofing

3. Privacy

4. Style


1. Available Space

Ceiling height is a factor when considering a glass partition for your commercial space. The height of your ceiling may well determine if you can install a full height glazed (floor to ceiling) solution or not. 

It’s common within older buildings that ceilings won’t be level. However, that doesn’t rule out a floor-to-ceiling option. Clever installation solutions can absorb undulations, such as forming a deeper perimeter channel to hold the glass.

There are standard glass sizes; each system can come in slightly different dimensions, but as a rule, the minimum height is 204 meters, and the maximum height is 3 meters. If your space doesn’t conform to these standards, speak to our team, and we’ll find a system that fits.


2. Sound Proofing

With video and team meetings on the rise and confidentiality a necessity, there is an increasing demand to enhance acoustic insulation and incorporate substantial sound reduction between adjacent spaces.

Whilst single and double glazed office partitions deliver adequate levels of sound reduction, fixed acoustic glass goes one step further, boasting a significant 50% reduction in noise.

Just for clarity, it’s impossible to achieve 100% noise reduction; doors will always be a weak point, but if installed with features such as acoustic door frames and drop seals to pack door joints, you can get close.

And as for style, acoustic glass office partitioning will appear no different to other frameless partitions. There is just a subtle 0.8mm increase to the overall thickness of glass added by the acoustic membrane.

For those considering a glass office partition for a commercial space, below is our acoustic guide, which details the levels of acoustic performance you can expect for each glazing option.


Our Glass Acoustic Performance Guide

Glass TypesDb RatingMeaning + Application
Single Glazed (Framed)Up to 43dBLoud speech can be heard, but hard to interpret. Normal speech is barely heard.

Used in Open areas and offices. Standard offices, meeting rooms and private areas.

Single Glazed (Frameless)Up to 47dBLoud speech might be heard, but hard to interpret. Normal speech can’t be heard.

Good for Meeting rooms and private areas.

Single Glazed Acoustic (Framed)Up to 52dBLoud and normal speech can’t be heard.

Ideal for boardrooms and highly confidential areas.

Double Glazed (Frameless)Up to 54dBExtremely loud speech can’t be heard.

Great for highly confidential areas.

Ultimate Acoustic (Framed)Up to 54dBExtremely loud speech can’t be heard.

Great for highly confidential areas.

3. Privacy

Whilst glass offices can be a great modern choice that allows natural light to travel through a building, privacy can be a concern.

Some businesses see this as a benefit to having an inclusive, open and transparent workspace. However, there may be instances where privacy is needed. For example, if you need to conduct a private meeting, have a difficult phone conversation, or concentrate without distraction. 

There are options available for the best of both worlds, from integrated blinds to smart switchable glass. We’ve listed some of these below.

glass office partitions with blinds
glass office partitions with blinds

Integrated office blinds

To have the flexibility of full visibility or complete privacy, integrated office are a popular option.

Integrated blinds sit permanently sealed between the glass of double or triple-glazed units. As a result, these blinds are robust and long-lasting and benefit from never getting dirty or dusty and improve thermal performance.

As for design and function, blind operations can be managed in several ways, from traditional cord control to sensor and automatic operations. In addition, there is a vast range of blind styles with options to colour match them to fit perfectly with your corporate brand and office design.

Glass office partitions with manifistations
Glass office partitions with manifistations

Frosted manifestations

A frosted manifestation is a permanent option; these are typically applied to large expanses of clear glass to ensure the glass walls are visible and to prevent injury through collisions. 

Glass manifestations can provide complete or partial privacy, with various colours and styles to create attractive design features without compromising on natural light.

Furthermore, they are a relatively inexpensive way to personalise your office with bespoke graphics and logos and further endorse your corporate brand.

switchable glass partitions
switchable glass partitions

Switchable smart glass

For complete privacy on demand, smart electrically switchable glass is the ultimate option. This solution allows you to instantly switch from transparent to frosted or even blacked-out glass with a single button control.

There are a couple of preferences when choosing this option, from switchable glass (which also offers excellent sound insulation) to retrofit switchable film.

But ultimately, sleek style, cutting-edge technology, and usability come at a cost. Typically, this glass technology is significantly more expensive than standard double glazing and will substantially add to the overall cost of your glass office partitions.


4. Style

Glass office partitions come in a vast range of styles, décor, and frameworks to serve any commercial project.  Below we’ve listed the Top 5 Trending Glass Office Partition styles which we believe are the best in the market.


Top 5 Trending Glass Office Partition Styles for 2023

Frameless Glass Office Partitions
Frameless Glass Office Partitions

1. Frameless glass office partitions

Frameless glass office doors increase natural light, allow for uninterrupted views and create a clean and contemporary finish to any space. They can be produced as a single or double doorset with either a pivoted, hinged, or sliding application making them perfect for offices where acoustic privacy is important but the light is too.

single glazed office partitions
single glazed office partitions

2. Single-glazed office partition systems

Our single-glazed office partitions are both competitive and stunning in design. We have a range of frameless and framed single-glazed glass partitioning systems, each with unique merits, from leading acoustic ratings and enhanced structural performance to flexibility in configuration and inspired contemporary design.

double glazed office partitions
double glazed office partitions

3. Double-glazed office partitions

Our superior double-glazed office partition systems deliver unparalleled performance and style. They can be customised to satisfy all design needs whilst achieving the highest acoustic rating to fulfil the most stringent of performance requirements. 


crittal glass office partitioning with black frame

4. Crittal effect glass partitions

Crittal style glass partitions provide a contemporary design that impacts the overall office aesthetics. Made from Multi-pane aluminium or steel framed partitions that can be powder coated to colour-match your office design or corporate branding. These stylish systems also confirm to DDA requirements without the need for safety manifestations.


sliding door manet style

5. Manet glass sliding door systems


The Benefits of Working with Interior Options

We centre our core values on providing big company professionalism that comes with many years of experience, along with the flexibility, excellent service and value for money that we offer as an SME.

Above all, we have worked hard to establish a reputation you can trust to deliver on any size of commercial fit-out and refurbishment project, from small to large commercial high-value contracts.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Interior Options



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