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12 Popular Types of Office Ceilings

12 Popular Types of Office Ceilings

Office ceilings come in various types, each with its own design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. So naturally, the choice of ceiling type can significantly influence an office space’s overall look and feel. 

Here are some of the most popular office ceilings for you to consider.

Living Wall and Drop Ceiling Reception Fit-Out

1. Suspended Ceiling (Drop Ceiling / Bulkhead Ceiling)

The suspended ceiling, also known as a drop ceiling or bulkhead ceiling, is one of the most common office ceilings we install. It consists of a grid framework of metal channels or T-bars, which suspend ceiling tiles or panels beneath the structural ceiling. It conceals electrical and HVAC components, provides easy access for maintenance, and offers various design options.

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2. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These are designed to improve sound control within an office space. Acoustic ceiling tiles are often made from materials such as mineral fibre or fibreglass to absorb sound and reduce noise levels.


Exposed office ceiling

3. Exposed Ceiling

Some offices opt for an industrial or modern look by exposing structural elements, such as ductwork, pipes, and beams. This type of ceiling is often used in creative or open-concept office spaces.


Coffered office Ceiling

4. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings feature recessed panels with decorative trim or moulding. They add an elegant and traditional touch to an office space, providing depth and dimension to the ceiling.

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Metal office ceiling

5. Tin or Metal Ceiling 

Tin or metal ceiling tiles can create a vintage or retro aesthetic. They are often seen in historical buildings or offices, aiming for a classic look.


Wood office ceiling

6. Wood Ceiling

Wooden ceiling panels or planks add warmth and natural beauty to an office. They can be installed in various patterns, including shiplap, tongue and groove, or beamed ceilings.


Stretch office ceiling

7. Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are made of PVC or fabric membranes stretched across a lightweight frame. They can create a clean, contemporary look and may be backlit for added visual appeal.


Glass ceiling reception area

8. Glass Ceiling

Some modern offices incorporate glass as a structural and aesthetic component of the ceiling. Glass ceilings can be a great solution to provide natural light, transparency, and a sense of openness to your office space.


Gypsum office ceiling

9. Gypsum Board (Drywall) Ceiling

Gypsum board ceilings are made of plasterboard and are smooth, versatile, and can be painted or textured to suit the desired office design.


Fibreglass commercial ceiling

10. Fiberglass Ceiling

Fiberglass ceiling tiles are lightweight, durable, and often have a textured surface. They are easy to clean and maintain.


Green ceiling

11. Green Ceiling (Living Ceiling)

Some offices incorporate living plants into the ceiling, creating a “green” or biophilic design that promotes a connection to nature and improved air quality.


Vaulted office ceiling

12. Vaulted Ceiling

In some office buildings with unique architectural designs, you may find vaulted or domed ceilings, which add a sense of grandeur and space.

The choice of office ceiling type should consider factors such as the office’s purpose, budget, aesthetics, acoustics, and the desired atmosphere. Additionally, local regulations may influence the selection of ceiling materials and design.


If you are planning to install a new office ceiling or an entire office fit-out, please get in touch for advice.



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