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What are the benefits of comfortable breakout area seating in the office place?

Breakout area seating

What are the benefits of comfortable breakout area seating in the office place?

As a business that wishes to grow and evolve, retain employees and attract new talent, it’s now more important than ever to keep up with ever-changing workplace trends. As a result, employee wellness is at the top of the agenda for most companies, with workers having the upper hand and ever-increasing expectations from their workspace.

Traditionally, comfort was never a word associated with the office; no cosy coffee shops adorned with satisfying sofas and soft lighting. However, as businesses shift their focus to a more human-centric work practice, employee comfort is now pivotal.

The optimal office should boast working areas of diversity for employees to perform a mass of tasks. Where workers are inspired to move freely around this cleverly planned and aesthetically cheery space to meet their working needs, whether that be team meetings in a comfortable seated area or a secluded seat on a cosy ergonomic chair.

With style and comfort quickly catching up with functionality in the pecking order of priorities for office furniture, it is becoming increasingly well-known that these breakout spaces have many benefits that result in happy, comfortable employees and a positive, productive workplace.


5 Important Benefits of Break Out Area Seating

1. Show you are employee-centric and help retain and attract top talent

A well-designed breakout area with comfortable seating, stylish tables, and the right lighting will show your team that you truly care about their wellbeing, in and away from their desks. In addition, going beyond expectations with your breakout space can aid staff retention and help to attract new employees.

The swoosh Chair commercial seating

Swoosh Chairs
The Swoosh chair range is a perfect choice for a simple and stylish solution that fits seamlessly into any break-out area. Available in two styles, meeting room or lounge, with several base options to complement any design.


2. Provide additional working spaces

When not used for lunches and breaks, the modern breakout seating area can provide valuable extra workspace for employees away from their desk, incorporating mobile working on tablets, laptops and smartphones. In addition, cushioned sofas, armchairs, and the latest office privacy pods are perfect for providing a space to sit and think away from the desk.

Likewise, breakout high tables are ideal for getting on with work away from the buzz of the office, and a standing desk will help tally up steps, boost energy levels and reduce back pain issues that arise from sitting at a desk for long periods.

The bodyn office pods

The Bodyn
The stylish Bodyn pods offer a sheltered space to meet, focus and settle.
The frames are hardwood and plywood with powder-coated steel metalwork and comfortable CME foam padding. This on-trend range has two unique styles and a wide variety of options for upholstery and the walls and roof style.

3. Provide a place to recharge and stimulate creativity

Breaking the cycle of being at a desk for 8 hours daily will instantly make staff feel better. Having a space to clear your head whenever you need, or just hang out with co-workers and collaborate will improve staff mentally and boost creative thought once refreshed.

The Kruze Lounge

Kruze Lounge
A statement piece representing luxury and refinement, its soft lines and generous proportions make this sofa exuberantly comfortable. The Kruze lounge has a choice of American Black Walnut of Oak Veneered out shell as standard and is available in high and low back styles and as a fully upholstered chair or with a veneered outer back.

4. Encourage healthy collaborations & boost company culture.

A breakout area can become the hub of your business. Staff from different departments, who wouldn’t naturally meet up, can mingle, collaborate, laugh, relax, and refresh. This improved interaction can encourage better cooperation between departments and dramatically improve company culture and communications

The Mote Range of Commercial Soft Seating

The Mote
Mote is an ideal fit for the needs of a dynamic work environment. Its versatility means it can be configured to fit any space, from meeting rooms to break out areas.

5. Help you make a that crucial first impression

The breakout area should be an extension of your reception area, where visitors are invited to relax on the soft seating, help themselves to drinks and refreshments and soak up the company vibe. It creates a friendly, less formal feel where great relationships can naturally grow.

The Blume Chair Office Breakout Seating

The Blume Chair

The Blume Chair is an excellent example of comfort. With a contemporary and stylish design featuring lavish dense cushions and a deep chamfer to create soft edges. This breakout area furniture also benefits from unique low and webbed seating for enhanced comfort and longevity. 


Breakout Modular Furniture

Intrinsically, chairs are an asset to any office space. But, the classic sofa is rapidly starting to monopolise the breakout room, and so we introduce the best of breakout modular sofas.

Snug Modular Commercial Sofa

Snug Modular Sofa

If you really want to impress employees and clients by offering them ultimate comfort and relaxation, you may just want to regard our Snug Modular Sofa. With ultra-deep seats, pillow-edge detailing and a soft, flawless appearance, comfort coupled with style is a guarantee. This range also comes in many colour options to suit any corporate palette, making it perfect for any workspace! Another key design of this product is the seven modular units you can choose from, offering optimum versatility to configure the modular breaking seating to suit your space.

The Oran Commercial Seating

The Oran

A defined seam fetters the rounded and voluminous interior of the sofa, creating a smooth profile. This Oran modular range has a soft appearance and feel and clearly defined upholstery detail designed to fit in both workplace and hospitality environments.This modular system is held by a minimal powder coated Aluminum frame and cast Aluminum corner leg, with an endless number of configurations.

Comfort is now a core requirement for a thriving office; After all, by investing in the comfort and wellbeing of your employees, you will reap job satisfaction, company loyalty, and greater productivity for your business.

If you are looking to incorporate a breakout area within your business, or if you simply wish to enhance your office design by integrating comfortable, cutting-edge furniture, please get in touch with one of our team, who will be happy to offer some expert advice.

For further design inspiration, take a look at our breakout furniture collection for offices here.


5 Important Benefits of Break Out Area Seating

1. Show you are employee-centric and help retain and attract top talent

2. Provide additional working spaces

3. Provide a place to recharge and stimulate creativity

4. Encourage healthy collaborations & boost company culture.

5. Help you make a that crucial first impression


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