Protective Screen Solutions - Sneeze Guard Protection

WP Commercial Protective Screen Solutions - Sneeze Guard Screens 

Our Protective Screens and Partitions support social distancing and help protect both employees and customers from the spread of disease. 

The application of sneeze guard screens and partitions within the commercial environment is expected soon to be a health and safety requirement for a majority of businesses.

As a result, we have developed a range of protective screen solutions from freestanding partitions ideal for factories, warehouses and assembly lines, to office desktop partitions and retail counter barriers, all which can be easily and quickly deployed across the workspace to help support businesses to comply with health and safety guidelines and safeguard the wellbeing of their workforce when returning to work.

We also provide professional site surveys and installation services for large commercial projects.


We have a range of sneeze guard screens from freestanding partitions, to permanent floor mounted screens and office desktop workstation screens and counter barriers, suitable for all commercial environments:-

WP Glass Screen

Glass Office Protective Screens & Partitions

WP Bench Screen

Office Desktop Protective Partitions & Screens

WP Express Screen (Freestanding)

Floor Standing Temporary Protective Screens & Partitions

WP Industrial Screen

Floor Mounted Protective Screens & Partitions

Need Project Help?

If you have a large scale project, we provide a turnkey service from design to installation and can ensure your workspace complies with government health & safety standards.


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