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There is a huge range of commercial suspended ceiling solutions to choose from and your product choice will be key to ensuring that your suspended ceiling installation not only has the look and feel you want but that it can technically perform and provide suitable noise absorption and reduction as well as thermal conductivity and fire resistance. It’s also important to ensure that your suspended ceiling choice provides outstanding indoor air quality.

Here at Interior Options, we offer a full commercial ceiling design and installation service. We’ve extensive experience delivering top-specification false ceiling installations within multiple sectors from commercial offices, education, health and safety and retail and leisure.

We can support you on your product choice as well as manage the full installation guaranteeing all works carried out will be in line with building regulations and that the finished false ceiling is fully compliant for your commercial needs.

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What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is also known as a dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling or grid ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended from the structural ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are essentially good when you want to conceal wires, sound-proof your environment and improve on energy efficiency. The false ceiling also provides an over-head space to access and install additional services including air conditioning systems and lighting systems.

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